Every summer has its unique signature.

  This summer started with the floods.

And then when the water finally subsided,

we had several heat waves….

lovely waves of warmth and sun light,

which brought beach time and swimming,

sailing and boating,

picnics and friends,

summer family times.

And now the weather is changing again and again and again,

and summer looks like it is starting its slow winding down.

And yet, today, she has reappeared and will be shining 30+.

Tomorrow she will be revealing her warm light-filled beauty,

and her gifts of outdoor living will be continued.

Summer floods

Summer heat waves

Summer flowers

Summer winding down.

But first, another flash of summer…..

Join us in the park, by the sparkling waters and the blooming gardens

in the Rose Garden Cafe’s home environment….

Live it and love it while she lasts…..