Running a Family Business

We love The Rose Garden Cafe and we have been serving you since 2001!

What do we love?

We love the Spring ritual of opening the Rose Garden Cafe for another summer season! We love our employees and customers! We love preparing and feeding everyone who comes to enjoy themselves in the park! We love preparing for special events and supporting the essence of life in the park. We particularly love being there for families playing together with their children in the playground area, or cooking for those who wish to have a break and come to the park for fun, community and relaxation.

The Rose Garden Cafe was named after the beautiful rose gardens located under the orange bridge. We fell in love with all the roses, fragrances and colours the first time we saw them. As well, the gardens next to the cafe are equally beautiful, and we feel like we have the perfect outdoor summer setting for everyone to enjoy. Located behind us, as well, is the Streetcar, which is vital to the ambiance of the park. The bell from the Streetcar is like a summer endearment remembered well into the other seasons.

We hope you enjoy your time, your meals and your refreshment at

The Rose Garden Cafe, for it is our deepest pleasure to prepare the

environment, welcoming and serving you

each and every moment of the day.

Here’s to wishing you a summertime full of laughter and love.

Rod and Jillian and Kaspar