Summertime, summertime, sum, sum summertime….

The music festival felt like the weekend, so of course the next day was Sunday, right?    What a delight to realize that what felt like Sunday was Thursday and we still have the glorious weekend in front of us….now that’s the feeling of summertime…..timeless.

The Rose Garden Cafe awaits you with our amazing and delicious menu—much locally sourced, organic, and natural.  We have high standards when it comes to serving good food.  And we believe in choices.

We know you will be pleased and well satisfied…..come to the park and let us cook for you.  Cheers.

Some photos from Keep The Beat.

Sunny All Day Long

Yesterday was a fabulous day!  The War Child Music Festival and Fundraiser is a wonderful event to support each year.  The music was awesome and some pictures will follow soon.  By the end of the evening, as we were cleaning up, looking out the windows into the park was a delightful sight.  The whole park was moving to the music.  Everyone was dancing and the stars were shining and the there was a sense of so much joyfulness.

Today it’s going to be sunny all day long.  Sunday is a lovely day in the park.  The beach will once again be full and the park will radiate warmth, laughter and conversation.  Our crew is back from a long day yesterday (9 to 10:30 p.m.) ready to serve you.

Our food is wholesome, hearty and delicious.  Everyone seems to love it and appreciate it and for that we are grateful and happy to cook for you each and every day.  The cafe’s hearth is warm and inclusive.  Our porch and outdoor patio seating is awaiting your company.  It is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the park and each other.

What a lovely sunny Sunday…..come on down to the park and let us do the cooking for you!

More of our Wonderful Staff

We love our team of employees and you will too.

They are so bright and wonderful and friendly and eager to serve you.

Stop by the cafe, any day of the week, and one of us will be there to greet you.

Olivia, Malcolm, Chris and Leah


Our Assistant Manager, Oliver Bailey

Oliver is our amazing assistant manager.

He is the third person in the management team of the Rose Garden Cafe and highly valued.

His experience, skills and steady presence keeps the flow of the work at the cafe in perfect balance.

Working together harmoniously as a team and enjoying the work is what we all strive for at the Cafe.

A Postage Stamp Bird’s Eye View of Good Food and Beauty

The ambiance of the Rose Garden Cafe is delightfully pleasing.

In the park, there are birds and trees and roses

and the tram bells ringing as it rolls by filled with children and families smiling.

  The sparkling lake, the flowering gardens, the peace-filled labyrinth, and the white beaches

radiate colour and warmth.

And our wonderful staff is genuinely smiling and awaiting to serve you.

Artistically Pleasing, Organically Nourishing

At the Rose Garden Cafe, we have striven for 10 years

to bring you an artistically pleasing environment and an organically nourishing menu.

It brings us great joy to complement your day with happiness, beauty and great food!

Everyone stopping by and eating, raves and returns…..

Join us every day between 10 and 7 for a splash of the unique and the presence of a living nature.


Bicycles, Summertime, Picnics and the Park

Bicycling destination:  The Rose Garden Cafe

Lakeside Park

Artichoke  Sundried Tomatoes Organic Gouda or Turkey Cranberry Goat Cheese Grilled Ciabatta Paninis

Organic Handmade Locally-Sourced Classic Beef Burger on Freshly Baked Organic Bun

Wild Salmon, Chicken Breast and Organic Marinated Tofu Cutlet Burgers

Fish and Chips, Oysters and Chips, Crispy Tofu Wedges and Chips, Chicken and Chips

Santa Fe Curry Wraps:  Tofu, Chicken or Wild Salmon

Organic Garden Salads: Tofu, Chicken or Wild Salmon

All Day Breakfast Wraps