Canada Day Countdown

Time for celebration in the park, by the lake,

with images of flowers and boats and summer fun

with friends, family and community.

The Rose Garden Cafe is always there to serve you.

We’re open every day from 11 to 6:30…

with hours expanding on both sides as the summer unfolds.

Floral Tableclothes and Aprons

We love floral table clothes and aprons at the Rose Garden Cafe!

We love light and bright

Simple and clean

We love the thought of picnics in the park

And the Rose Garden Cafe providing you with delightful food and drinks

You just bringing your table clothes and happiness

We love the thought of you riding your bicycle to the Park’s entrance

And entering in to enjoy the table clothes and aprons and delicious food.

We love the idea of flowers and gardens growing abundantly

We love the trees and the beach and the sparkling waters

But most of all we love roses

Roses in vases, roses in gardens

Roses unfolding in the beauty of the soul

For inside is the place where the rose blossoms the fullest

The soul expressing itself in the blossoming of roses

petal by petal

opening spaces and places

like picnics with floral table clothes

unveiling beauty yet to be seen

within the whimsy and majesty of daily living

in the light of the gardens

as the flowers unfold and beauty steps out.

Visit us at the Rose Garden Cafe

Simply beautiful,

Naturally delicious…..

We Are Busy Preparing

Even though the weather is up and down and all around the town, so to speak,

we are busy getting ready for a great 2012 summer season.

We have all new staff this year with the exception of one.

Please stop by and say hello.

We are busy training and employees are busy learning

how to be part of the unique Rose Garden Cafe team.

Let me tell you a few things you might want to know about us.

Just as we do not sell food, but feed our community,

we also don’t  pay our staff just for the hours  they spend in the cafe.

Of course we pay our staff, but what makes us unique

is that what we do together is hold this space open for all of you to enter into,

and in it, we tend to all the details from cooking to serving…. setting up to cleaning up.

We are an evolving working team of individuals

pleased to make your experience at the Rose Garden Cafe in Lakeside Park delightful and nourishing.

Make us your summer destination…..

our food is perfect for lunches, dinners and picnics!

Call ahead if you wish, we take orders.  250-352-0059.

See you in the park.  Ciao!

The Sun Is Shining and Warming

What a lovely sunny day!

Ideas for today:

Lunch at the park

Dinner with family and friends in the park

Tea time complete with teapots and tea cups

Organic coffee, frappes and fruit smoothies


so many lovely options at

The Rose Garden Cafe

spread the word we’re open!!!

The Lovely Opening of the Rosebud and the Rose Garden Cafe

Well, slowly but surely, we are opening.  It should not surprise us, but it does every summer…..the coolness, the rainy season, until we remember…..the cycle of the rose and the Rose Garden Cafe.

The lovely opening of the rosebud at this time of year will continue into the unfolding of the rose blossom… it has begun….a lovely new cycle and summer season at Lakeside Park and the beach!

We have a fantastic team this year and we are all busy preparing to do what we love to do each summer…..hold open the environment of the cafe in the park, feeding  families and friends, and supporting summer-long events and activities.

We love what we do!  And we are looking forward to the rush of feeling summer on the way as we set up our umbrellas, table clothes, bicycles, and flowers  inviting the cultural mix of community and international tourists to enjoy our way of life.

See you at the Rose Garden Cafe!