Sunshine Came Softly Through My Window Today

What a lovely experience it is

to feel the heat and warmth of the sun…..

In the early morning, when it is gentle

and in the evening when it is peacefully resolved.

At the Rose Garden Cafe, we enjoy the full spectrum of sunshine…..

from morning to evening.

It shines through the trees and on to the floral table clothes

Where children are laughing

and parents are enjoying another summer moment with family.

Sunshine that warms the sandy beaches

and alights upon the cheeks of sunbathers.

The rays ever dancing across the water’s ripples

reflecting back to us its beauty.

Enjoy the sunshine today.

Come to Lakeside Park.

And let us create a summer’s picnic for you

Bringing refreshment and happiness into your day.

The Rose Garden Cafe opening spaces and places for you to enjoy.

We are like a rose….we open in the summer,

unfolding our many petals of delight.

Enjoy the Rose Garden while it’s blossoming and blooming…..

Open Daily 10-7:30 ish

Take outs available.


Summertime in Nelson

There’s nothing like summertime arriving in Nelson

The skies are blue and the sun is clear

Life outside, begins to pull into gear,

especially at the beach.

Summer would not be complete

without the Rose Garden Cafe and its presence in the park.

Did you know we source most of our food locally?

We have our organic buns baked fresh for us.

We use organic lettuce and make all our own exquisite sauces.

Our organic cheese and classic beef burgers arrive to our doorstop

from a beautiful farm in Grand Forks.

The salmon burgers are wild, marinated tofu cutlets come from Silverking Tofu,

right here in Nelson, and Francyne is still creating her amazing

BookGarden Veggie Burgers!

We have refreshing matcha and mocha frappes and Oso coffee.

We have our own line of fragrant organic loose leaf teas

packaged especially

for your cuppa.

Our hours will be expanding as the sun shines and the days are long and bright.

10 to 7 for sure….call to make sure 250-352-0059.

And, this year, we are going to be offering our new

organic pancake breakfasts….coming soon!