Happy Solstice and Happy Summertime


This is what we prepare for each year:  Summertime at the Rose Garden Cafe!!!!!!

Summer fun, summer food, summer picnics

prepared by our amazing

and wonderful

and beautiful

Rose Garden Cafe Summer Staff!!!!!


You know it’s summertime at the Rose Garden Cafe

when you see the table clothes on the picnic tables

filled with happy people

eating healthy food

in an amazing park

by the cool beach

next to the Nelson Streetcar.


There’s a warm breeze

that fills the air

and makes you want to dance

and play

and relish the summer sunshine.


We care about all of these things for you

and we’re here in the park

to make it perfect.

Let us prepare your food

and share your summer fun!

Simply Beautiful!

Naturally Delicious!

The Rose Garden Cafe

Lakeside Park

Open Daily 10:30 to 7 ish


The Space Between


Magic happens in the space between.

Between each other.

Between ourselves and our environments.

We love to create beautiful environments at the Rose Garden Cafe for you to enjoy.

We also love the appreciation and joy that is expressed to us by you,

between what we create and what you experience.

The space between has so much potential.

For us at the Rose Garden Cafe,

we thrive on opening, carrying and filling that space between

with happiness, beauty and nourishment

for everyone to enjoy.


Because it all truly matters….

the little things and the important things…..

in the space and environments,

in the experience,

and in the life shared

between each other.

Welcome to the Rose Garden Cafe….

.a consciously cultivated environment to be part of…..

open daily at Lakeside Park in Nelson.