Sunshine and Summer Are Here

Lovely days in the park….our grill is hot and beautiful food is being made and served by our amazing and delightful staff.  Did you know that we have employees who have been with us for 5 years?  We also hire high school students sometimes training them for their first job…..such a delight to work at The Rose Garden Cafe!

It is our 10th year serving you in the park and we are so happy for all our wonderful employees throughout the years.  We are also thrilled to have all of you, our valued customers, friends and really, our community come year after year, summer after summer, with so much gratitude for what we have to offer.

It is a delightful mutual relationship.  And, if all goes as planned, we will be serving you for another 10 years to come!

Sunshine and The Rose Garden Cafe

Have you tried our new paninis?  Turkey Cranberry Goat Cheese and Artichoke Sundried Tomato Gouda Melt….scrumptious!  Also our organic Classic Burgers with Organic Cheese is unbelievable….said to be the best in town!  Our marinated Organic Herb Tofu Cutlets and our Wild Salmon Burgers all are placed upon a freshly baked organic bun, topped with organic lettuce, tomatoes, our special Rose Garden Cafe homemade sauces and pickles. 

We have amazing poutine topped with organic cheese curds and a lovely gravy.  We have matcha and mocha frappes complete with whipped cream, or try a delicious cup of Oso Negro  Coffee which is both organic and our very own Rose Garden Cafe blend.  Best of all, for you tea lovers, we serve tea in teaposts with teacups….choose from our lovely selection of organic and biodynamic teas.


The gardens have all been planted in the park and they are beautiful as usual.  Stop by and say hello to the gardeners, have a lovely lunch and enjoy the park!

By the way, we offer gluten-free wraps and spelt buns for those who want and need something different.  Our Rose Garden Cafe Organic Salad is lovely and fresh and can be topped with organic marinated tofu, wild salmon or chicken breast…..we make our own delicious salad dressings.  We grill for you the original BookGarden Veggie Burgers handmade by Francine, which fly out of our window into happy hands…..

Of course, we have our crispy fries and our wonderful fish and chips, chicken fingers and crispy tofu wedges.  You can buy special dips for your fries or enjoy our ketchups and vinegars.  Summertime at the beach would not be complete without milkshakes and organic pops.  We have a full line of teas, pops, juices and soy milks for your refreshment.


Stop by and say hello!  Our staff is eager and happy to serve you….Here’s to another great summer in the beautiful Lakeside Rotary Park with The Rose Garden Cafe and all the gifts it has to offer…..Happy Summertime!


Relay for Life–Saturday, June 18

This Saturday is a special day in the park–Relay for Life 2011

Below is information we’ve posted from their website for your interest.

Relay For Life 2011 Nelson

Saturday, June 18th – Lakeside Park – Noon – Midnight


Join with thousands who have decided to fight back at an event that celebrates cancer survivors and honours loved ones who haven’t survived. There will be laughter and fun, joy and sorrow but mostly, conviction that cancer can be kicked out of our lives and communities — if we act together.

The money raised will be invested in cancer research to save lives; deliver trusted information and caring support to people living with cancer and cancer prevention initiatives

Please contact Brenda MacDonald 250-352-4610
or Tara Kowalchuk

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We are open every day from 11 to 7 p.m.  (weather permitting).  Please feel free to phone us if you’re wondering if we’re open at (250)352-0059.

You can also phone ahead for take-out orders, if you are working or have a time line…..

Keep in mind that we do have a covered porch and it is simply a beautiful setting in the park!

We are perfecting our new panini sandwiches and will be serving them soon…..mmmmm… delicious….

The Rose Garden Cafe–Simply Beautiful, Naturally Delicious

Celebrating 10 Years of Wellness and Perfection in the Park

Celebrating 10 Years

The Rose Garden Cafe opened 10 years ago….and it is time to celebrate its presence in the park.  Come and join us for a lovely lunch or dinner with family and friends.  We are now serving our teas in teapots again, with lovely little teacups.  We are busy working on our new panini sandwiches soon to be launched and in a few weeks we will begin our Saturday and Sunday morning Wholesome Organic Pancake Breakfasts!

Every year we hire 13 individuals to work with us as a team in The Rose Garden Cafe and I can assure you that we have quite a distinguished alumni.

We are proud of what we do here in the cafe.  We love that we’ve sourced and serve you local organic beef burgers, wild salmon, local and organic tofu cutlets.  Our veggie burgers have been around since The BookGarden Cafe, which is such a treat to have and still handmade by Francine.  All of our buns are organic and baked fresh by the bakers at Kootenay Bakery Cafe Cooperative.  Our lettuce is always fresh and organic.  We make all our own sauces and salad dressings. Our gouda and cheese curds are also from a wonderful nearby organic farm.  And, we have a special Rose Garden Cafe Medium Dark Blend of Oso Negro coffee.  As mentioned before, we have our own Rose Garden Cafe Biodynamic and Organic Loose Leaf Teas which we lovingly place inside unbleached tea sacks for your tea sipping pleasure.

Our smoothies are all fruit delights and you can now add a fresh banana to them.  We will also be introducing other specialty items that can be added to your smoothies.  Don’t forget to try our delicious Mocha and Matcha Frappes, with or without whipped cream.

For those of you who want and need something a little different, please know that you can order a spelt bun with your burger.  We also offer gluten-free wraps.  In the treat department, we now offer two ice cream treats made out of coconut milk.

We have all our recycling set up inside and out and we would love, once again, to find someone who is looking for compost.  For years, we’ve had a compost pickup.

Stop by and say hello.  Many of our staff from last year are returning, and we are in the throws of hiring our new team for this year.  Such fun, indeed.  It is always a pleasure, as well, to serve you and to support the life of the park.  As always, we want you to feel special and part of our summer cafe.  We look forward to enjoying a wonderful summertime full of good food, good times and good friends.


Lakeside Rotary Park and Beach

Welcome to The Rose Garden Cafe located at Lakeside Rotary Park.

We are open every day from 11 to 7 ish, depending on the weather.

Please feel free to phone us at 250-352-0059 to place an order before you arrive

or to make sure we are open.

See you soon!

A Perfect Place To Meet Friends For Tea

How can I begin to describe the setting….

I am looking down to the lake and the sailboats are  floating by.  Families have blankets laid out and the children are playing in the park.  The sun is bright and full of warmth.  And best of all, the flowers are almost planted in the lovely gardens so cared for by the city gardeners.  We planted our planters today, as well, with many different flowers and I hear the tapping of balls in the park.

And the sun, it is simply sparkling on the water….like a clear summer afternoon.

How can I begin to tell you how perfect The Rose Garden Cafe is to come for your afternoon cup of tea, lunch by the lake, and dinner with friends and family.  I am sitting here sipping a richly flavoured Rose Garden Cafe Biodynamic Breakfast Tea with a touch of honey……mmmmm….so lovely, indeed.

We have prepared a whole new environment for you this year.  We’ve painted the walls inside our serving areas the colour of the sun and mangoes.  Beautiful mosaic rose medallions were created for the walls that have cursive writing underneath each one saying:  Life, Laugh, and Love…..Our tables are covered with paisely yellow tableclothes and embellished with, yes, roses, and red umbrellas with bright yellow sunflowers.

We have our two vintage bicycles with baskets filled with roses and imaginati0n for ambiance and whimsy.  And our staff is well trained and eager to serve you….it must be summer, in spirit now, because it is the first day of bathing suit appearances!!!!!

How can I begin to tell you…….