How can I begin to describe the setting….

I am looking down to the lake and the sailboats are  floating by.  Families have blankets laid out and the children are playing in the park.  The sun is bright and full of warmth.  And best of all, the flowers are almost planted in the lovely gardens so cared for by the city gardeners.  We planted our planters today, as well, with many different flowers and I hear the tapping of balls in the park.

And the sun, it is simply sparkling on the water….like a clear summer afternoon.

How can I begin to tell you how perfect The Rose Garden Cafe is to come for your afternoon cup of tea, lunch by the lake, and dinner with friends and family.  I am sitting here sipping a richly flavoured Rose Garden Cafe Biodynamic Breakfast Tea with a touch of honey……mmmmm….so lovely, indeed.

We have prepared a whole new environment for you this year.  We’ve painted the walls inside our serving areas the colour of the sun and mangoes.  Beautiful mosaic rose medallions were created for the walls that have cursive writing underneath each one saying:  Life, Laugh, and Love…..Our tables are covered with paisely yellow tableclothes and embellished with, yes, roses, and red umbrellas with bright yellow sunflowers.

We have our two vintage bicycles with baskets filled with roses and imaginati0n for ambiance and whimsy.  And our staff is well trained and eager to serve you….it must be summer, in spirit now, because it is the first day of bathing suit appearances!!!!!

How can I begin to tell you…….