Well, slowly but surely, we are opening.  It should not surprise us, but it does every summer…..the coolness, the rainy season, until we remember…..the cycle of the rose and the Rose Garden Cafe.

The lovely opening of the rosebud at this time of year will continue into the unfolding of the rose blossom…..so it has begun….a lovely new cycle and summer season at Lakeside Park and the beach!

We have a fantastic team this year and we are all busy preparing to do what we love to do each summer…..hold open the environment of the cafe in the park, feeding  families and friends, and supporting summer-long events and activities.

We love what we do!  And we are looking forward to the rush of feeling summer on the way as we set up our umbrellas, table clothes, bicycles, and flowers  inviting the cultural mix of community and international tourists to enjoy our way of life.

See you at the Rose Garden Cafe!