Yesterday was a fabulous day!  The War Child Music Festival and Fundraiser is a wonderful event to support each year.  The music was awesome and some pictures will follow soon.  By the end of the evening, as we were cleaning up, looking out the windows into the park was a delightful sight.  The whole park was moving to the music.  Everyone was dancing and the stars were shining and the there was a sense of so much joyfulness.

Today it’s going to be sunny all day long.  Sunday is a lovely day in the park.  The beach will once again be full and the park will radiate warmth, laughter and conversation.  Our crew is back from a long day yesterday (9 to 10:30 p.m.) ready to serve you.

Our food is wholesome, hearty and delicious.  Everyone seems to love it and appreciate it and for that we are grateful and happy to cook for you each and every day.  The cafe’s hearth is warm and inclusive.  Our porch and outdoor patio seating is awaiting your company.  It is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the park and each other.

What a lovely sunny Sunday…..come on down to the park and let us do the cooking for you!