Wow, it doesn’t seem so long ago, that we were just opening.

Yet here we are approaching the last weekend of summer–

Labour Day weekend.

And, as usual, it sure has been a labour of love–

a natural labour, a good and productive labour….

a labour that invites craft and turns it into art.

And as St. Francis of Assisi delightfully spoke and now paraphrased:

“A person who uses their hands is a labourer.  Those who use their hands and their mind

are craftspeople.  And those who use their hands, mind and their heart are artists”

We hope you enjoyed our artistry!

The countdown is on… days to closing for the season.

The Rose Garden Summer Cafe will close its doors to Autumn.

And hopefully an Indian Summer of sorts….

I wonder why it’s called Indian Summer…..

Thank you all for a glorious time….

We always love opening the environments of

The Rose Garden Summer Cafe….

We love opening our Facebook Page with lots of poetry, facts and photos…

We love our website which is like a blank canvas full of memories

ready to be painted upon anew each summer season

with fresh imaginations and inspirations

always holding within our hearts

the art of an ever-evolving imagination, inspiration, & intuition.

This year we felt the summer in our cafe and the beach in our environment

in fun new ways!

We realized we were the summer cafe in Lakeside Park and Nelson’s beach cafe….

And it was wonderful to feel the levity and lightness in beachiness,

and picnics and parks and flowers and fancifulness.

The Rose Garden Cafe

opening every summer like a rose….

bringing fresh fragrances and menu selections

new faces and delightful team members on our staff

and a brushstroke of renewed, colourful imaginations

of bicycles, baskets and roses….like a heart full of happiness.

It was a year of enjoying creating new ads

to express our presence and intentions….

floral, vintage, summery fare.

Seven days……to folding the tableclothes one last evening.

Closing the umbrellas,

bringing in the bicycles with baskets of flowers,

cleaning the grills and dishes and smoothie machines….

Seven days….to still enjoy The Rose Garden Summer Cafe

in her full floral attire, with smiling staff, and in-love owners…..

Dance down the seven days with us

Enjoy our food, our ambiance, our organic intentions and

our joy of “holding open” the space and place called

The Rose Garden Cafe

Simply Beautiful, Naturally Delicious……

Thank you for this opportunity

to share what we love to do:

opening and creating heartfelt environments

that nourish, inspire, embrace and bring happiness….

Stop by…..we’d love to see you

Jill LaBelle Sophie and Roderick Shouldice