Whether the weather is warm or chilly, The Rose Garden Cafe is open to bring you nourishment and happiness.

Our lovely porch and patio setting is the perfect place to sit by the lake to weather the weather.

Because in the park and in the nature of the park, raindrops are beautiful.  The gardens are thriving and growing and the trees are drinking deeply.

The Rose Garden Cafe offers you the same nourishment….lovely warm organic and biodynamic teas in teapots and teacups, mugs of Oso Negro coffee, mochas and hot chocolates with whipped cream.  Our grill is on and we are ready to feed your hunger for warmth and nourishment.

Stop by  to dance in the raindrops or  swim in the sun’s rays, we are here happy and smiling ready to live through our summer together come what may.

Grilled Ciabatta Paninis–Turkey Cranberry Goat Cheese or Artichoke Sundried Tomato Gouda Melt, Organic Classic Burgers, Organic Tofu Cutlets, Santa Fe Curry Wraps (gluten-free wraps available), Fish and Chips, Yam Fries, Oysters, Jumbo and Veggie Dogs, BookGarden Veggie Burgers, Organic Garden Salads, Wild Salmon Burgers, Poutine with Organic Cheese Curds, Organic and Natural Pops, Rose Garden Cafe Iced Tea, Mocha and Matcha Frappes, Smoothies, Ice Cream and sunshine from the inside out……

Cheers and see you soon.