We had a lovely start to our year.

Now we’re into a bit of rain,

but we are excited for another great summer at the beach in the park

at the Rose Garden Cafe!

Our hours currently are 11 to 6 ish!

What that means is that if you are in the park, we are in the kitchen.

Our hours always expand on both ends as the summer progresses.

Phone us always to let us know if you are coming

and arriving close to our closing time.


We will be here if you are!

We are very, very excited about our new smoothies.

Our Green Protein Smoothie is made from spinach, swiss chard, kale, parsley,

cilantro, cucumber, celery, ginger, apple juice and a scoop of protein powder.

It is light and smooth and oh so good for you.

Our Fresh Fruit Smoothie is made from strawberries, peaches,

bananas, pineapples and cranberry juice.

It is creamy and delicious and you can add protein powder

to give it that little something extra.

Our Green Tea Fruit Smoothies is our icy choice.

You choose two fruits from strawberry, mango or mixed berry

and we mix it all together and you

have a delightfully refreshing icy green tea fruit smoothie.

More highlights to come!