Enjoy the Summer

The Rose Garden Cafe is happy to help you enjoy your summer!

We have delightful options for lunches and dinners.

Lovely cold drinks, hot teas and coffees, and popsicles.

Our organic burgers, curry wraps, paninis and fish and chips are outstanding.

Everyday someone new says we have the “best food in town.”

What a lovely compliment.

And, since we are only here until the end of August, now is the moment!

Come and enjoy your summer at the park and the beach…..it is lovely and nourishing, indeed.

Beautiful Flower Gardens in the Park

The Rose Garden Cafe has the delightful setting of being located in Lakeside Park next to the beautiful flower gardens. Win and his team of gardeners create lovely gardens each year and this year is no exception!  A gallery of flowers for you to enjoy!  Better yet, come to the cafe and enjoy the ambiance and beauty from our porch and patio seating….

Aprons in the Kootenays

At the Rose Garden Cafe, we love retro aprons….When I was a young mother, I lived on a farm where I learned the value of aprons as I was canning or baking or cooking.  I also lived next to an Amish community and I loved visiting their gardens and their shops.  Best of all I loved finding the shop where they sold their aprons…..such loveliness in the textures and textiles and stories of the apron.

Whether the Weather

Whether the weather is warm or chilly, The Rose Garden Cafe is open to bring you nourishment and happiness.

Our lovely porch and patio setting is the perfect place to sit by the lake to weather the weather.

Because in the park and in the nature of the park, raindrops are beautiful.  The gardens are thriving and growing and the trees are drinking deeply.

The Rose Garden Cafe offers you the same nourishment….lovely warm organic and biodynamic teas in teapots and teacups, mugs of Oso Negro coffee, mochas and hot chocolates with whipped cream.  Our grill is on and we are ready to feed your hunger for warmth and nourishment.

Stop by  to dance in the raindrops or  swim in the sun’s rays, we are here happy and smiling ready to live through our summer together come what may.

Grilled Ciabatta Paninis–Turkey Cranberry Goat Cheese or Artichoke Sundried Tomato Gouda Melt, Organic Classic Burgers, Organic Tofu Cutlets, Santa Fe Curry Wraps (gluten-free wraps available), Fish and Chips, Yam Fries, Oysters, Jumbo and Veggie Dogs, BookGarden Veggie Burgers, Organic Garden Salads, Wild Salmon Burgers, Poutine with Organic Cheese Curds, Organic and Natural Pops, Rose Garden Cafe Iced Tea, Mocha and Matcha Frappes, Smoothies, Ice Cream and sunshine from the inside out……

Cheers and see you soon.

Rose Garden Cafe Employees

We have the most wonderful and beautiful employees
and we are grateful for them every day…..
At the Rose Garden Cafe, we work as a team, we work together…..
and there is happiness in our kitchen and cafe…
We look forward to sharing our food and our happiness….

What’s New at the Cafe

We are now offering special Meal Combos!

Chicken or Tofu Burger, Side of Fries and your choice of Juice or Water

Organic Classic Beef Burger, Side of Fries, and your choice of organic Pureian Cranberry or Mango Soda

Hot Dog, Side of Fries, and your choice of Juice or Water

Our paninis are selling like wildfire:  Turkey Cranberry Goat Cheese or Artichoke Sundried Tomato Organic Gouda……hm…..

Our other new item is Oysters and Chips! We serve them with our homemade lemon dill dip.



We are offering lovely organic and biodynamic teas, perfect for that afternoon tea in the park.  We have “Brown Betty” teapots, sweet tea cups, lovely spoons, aromatic teas, sugar, cream all placed beautifully on a tray and ready for your afternoon delight.

Of course, we are also offering our Rose Garden Cafe Blend of Oso Negro Coffee, not to be missed.



Plan your evening meal with family and friends….we have so many delightful healthy options, local, natural and organic.  Plan your afternoon picnics and let us do your cooking.  And don’t forget, we serve all-day breakfast wraps which are absolutely scrumptious……

Weather forecast is calling for sunny skies and 28 to 32 degree temperatures.  See you at the beach!

Lovely Canada Day, 2011…

Canada Day was a wonderful day this year.  I could only get the “setting-up” pictures and ones at the opening ceremonies at 11 a.m. and then the ball began to roll in the cafe.  The park swelled with community, family and friends and it was a very delightful sunny summer day.  We began at 7 a.m. and ended at 11 p.m.  It is a day we carefully prepare for each and every year.  Our staff has been training for a month, we’ve ordered enough food to feed everyone in the park, and we love serving our community on this festive day.  The music was delightful and the community booths were really fun for all.  The fireworks went off and the evening ended on a very, very happy note.  This is our 10th year contributing to Canada Day and our staff went home happy and tired……

Summer has finally begun and Saturday is another lovely day to behold at the beach!  Come and enjoy the park, we are here to make your day enjoyable with healthy, natural and organic choices.